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The Vintage Marketplace

3 Jun

Baubles and Brides at the Vintage Marketplace

Wow! What a weekend! Baubles and Brides teamed up with Paperdame to participate in “The Vintage Marketplace,” a gathering of 40 or so vendors with a love of all things vintage and the art of re-purposing!  We met so many lovely people, sold some of our goodies and took notes for next season.  After a few days rest we will hit the ground running in prep of the September show… mark your calendars! Sept. 6,7&8 at The Oaks in Fallbrook. See you there! Oh! and a BIG thank you to those who endured the heat to support us!

A Brooch Bouquet for a Saudi Bride!

12 Jun

A custom collaboration from Saudi Arabia to California a mere 8744 miles, give or take a few! That’s what Heba’s June 7th wedding consisted of, a custom designed gown, I can’t wait to see the real thing! And of course her custom Brooch Bouquet designed with brooches from her family & friends from around the world. Enjoy the teaser!

A sweet “I Do” in Paradise!

3 Apr

"Sentimental Journey" Brooch Bouquet

The Very Happy Couple

I love when a Bride sends me photos of the Happy Day! Lea Ann, Thank you so much for thinking of me and sharing a few of  your favorites… the smiles on your faces say it all. And they lived happily ever after…

Sneak peek… Sapphire

22 Mar

Imagine an early evening wedding, low lighting, a bride wearing a stunning gown, no lace, rhinestones or embellishments of any kind. Just this beautiful one-of-a-kind Bouquet of brooches! Sparkling all the way down the isle… Gorgeous!

Days gone by…

22 Feb

Nosegay Brooch Bouquet

Courtship, now there’s a word for you… {the wooing of one person by another} Most of the pieces in this beautiful little nosegay are from a time when it was the custom for a man to court a women… Enjoy the sneak peek! Congratulations Gerry!

A One-of-a-kind Sentimental Brooch Bouquet

25 Jan

I know that I have mentioned this maybe once or twice, but I LOVE what I do and my brides are the BEST! Lea Ann was no exception! She is a great example of the bride collecting brooches from family and friends… they did such a great job! Included in her box of goodies were a few personal pieces, both her parents have passed, so she sent a ring of her mothers and her baby bracelet for me to restring. To add to the sentiment I asked her for a photo of her parents, she searched and found a great photo of them early in their marriage, I framed it and put it where she will be able to see it. Truly a one-of-a-kind Brooch Bouquet. Lea Ann, along with her groom a few close friends and family will head to Hawaii next month to exchange their vows. ( I wish I traveled as much a my brooch bouquets did)! Thank you Lea Ann for trusting me with such precious treasures. Aloha!

Congratulations Kristen & David!

26 Oct


Kristen {bride} & Meg {mom}

The Spaniard and his sweet Bride

Have I mentioned how much I love what I do? Let me say it again… I love what I do! The story of the globe trotting bouquet begins back in May of 2010 When bride, Kristen went to Spain to teach English. While there she met “The Spaniard”  otherwise known as David. They fall in love… Fast forward to Sept 26th 2011, I get an inquiry from Meg (Kristen’s mom) in Florida. “my daughter is getting married in 2 weeks in Gibraltar, would it be possible to get a brooch bouquet made, I want to  surprise her? My husband and I leave on the 9th of Oct.” My response to myself as I am reading this email…YIKES! Options, ideas, and many emails back and forth… by the end of the day the challenge was on! I am such a sucker for a good love story.  Days later the Brooch Bouquet began it’s travels, first stop Florida. Meg than hand carried it to Gibraltar, Where she hoped to bless her daughter with her surprise… This is where my account of the story will stop and I will ask you to please click the link to Anywhere there’s an airport. This is Kristen’s Blog of her adventures, and I would like you to experience the rest of the story through her eyes.  A special note to Meg… You were such a treat to work with, your excitement was contagious. Thank you for trusting me with a small piece of what was such a special  day! I am truly blessed to do what I do.

A Bride’s First Look

29 Sep

Bride Michele meets her Brooch Bouquet


This is why I love what I do… What a treat to hand deliver one of my custom Brooch Bouquets!  I will share more about bride Michele and her gorgeous collection of brooches after her October 7th Wedding. I just had to give a sneak peek…  enjoy!

Enjoy, Christina…

9 Aug

"Shake your tail feathers" Brooch Bouquet

If you find what you like don’t hesitate to grab it!  Mother of the bride, Raquel was on the hunt, preparing for her daughter Christina’s  May 2012 wedding. She spotted “Shake your tail feathers” a few emails and a redo of the handle to match her color scheme,  and Christina now has a beautiful Brooch Bouquet to carry on her big day!  I got a note from Raquel… ” She loves it!  Thank you for making my daughter happy.”  What a Blessing to love what I do and to know that it brings a smile to the recipient. Thank you Raquel and Christina.

She said “I do”…

3 Aug

Mr & Mrs

Megan's Brooch Bouquet

Congratulations to Erik and Megan! I am so happy for this bride, she was such a treat to work with. Megan, her family & friends gathered all the brooches to create her one-of-a-kind Brooch Bouquet. They did a fantastic job…don’t you think?  “and they lived happily ever after.”

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