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The Vintage Marketplace

13 Aug

the vintage marketplace

It’s time to mark your calendars again. The next Vintage Marketplace is just around the corner. This season’s theme is “Farm Girl Fancies” and from the sneak peeks I’ve seen you do not want to miss this one! Over 40+ creative vendors are hard at work preparing. Alanna, (my paperdame partner in crime) and I have been busy treasure hunting and creating new pieces… and are looking forward to another fun filled weekend! Won’t you join us?

Cambria Getaway!

26 Jun

cambria collage

wildflower collage

I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt.  I am a friend, mentor, encourager, problem solver. I am the maid, chef, nurse, gardener, dog walker. I am a small business owner, designer, treasure hunter… and more!  I know that I am not alone as a woman of many hats and would not trade any of them in… well maybe one or two of them. 🙂  I would say that about 90% of the time I am a master at juggling all my hats without dropping but an occasional one. But just about a month ago my precious husband could sense that I was ready to not only drop one or two but throw each one right over the cliff! I needed a getaway… Off to one of our favorite places… Cambria, nestled on California’s Central Coast! We typically take this trip with a group of our friends but this time it was to be just the 2 of us! No agenda, no schedule, we wandered our way up the coast, stopping at any flea market, coffee house, antique store and of course a winery or two… or three. It took about a half a day for me to decompress! I began to notice all the wild flowers along the way, risking life and limb my husband would pull over for me to snap a picture. (all of the flowers pictured above were growing on the side of the road) God is such a show off! We took walks on the beach, ate good food, met some lovely people and at the end of a soul renewing week I was ready again to juggle my many hats! Thank you Thom for loving me! Now back to work!

The Vintage Marketplace

3 Jun

Baubles and Brides at the Vintage Marketplace

Wow! What a weekend! Baubles and Brides teamed up with Paperdame to participate in “The Vintage Marketplace,” a gathering of 40 or so vendors with a love of all things vintage and the art of re-purposing!  We met so many lovely people, sold some of our goodies and took notes for next season.  After a few days rest we will hit the ground running in prep of the September show… mark your calendars! Sept. 6,7&8 at The Oaks in Fallbrook. See you there! Oh! and a BIG thank you to those who endured the heat to support us!

Kicking off the Brooch Bouquet season!

12 Feb

Brooch Booty
Let the Brooch Bouquet season begin! I can’t think of a better way to kick off the wedding season than with a bride who has been collecting for a year, sending me her booty and trusting that I will create what she has envisioned! Lisa, my guilty as charged over achieving bride-to-be sent me the most amazing eclectic collection of vintage and new brooches, I can not wait to get started on this bouquet! Stay tuned for updates and sneak peeks! Trust me you will want to see this on finished! Here is a little hint of her theme: “O let us be married! too long we have tarried:”

Seattle Getaway

21 Jun

Seattle is without a doubt one of my favorite cities to visit! It is a trip made sweeter by the fact that I have family there who always have an open door, empty beds and a list of new spots for us to hit! Our favorite new spot? Meander’s kitchen in West Seattle, a little hole in the wall dinner that is run by owner/chef,  Miranda… “I cook because I like it and If my cooking makes you happy, then I’m happy.”  Unique breakfast’s are her specialty (delicious) and a conversation for each customer… you can’t help but leave this quaint little spot with a smile on your face!  We were also lucky enough to hit the last weekend of the tulip festival before the inevitable  be-heading! Haha. The 8 days away were just what I needed… time with my husband (he found the most amazing Bed & Breakfast  on Whidbey Island for a night) time with my brother and his family, some treasure hunting! Fantastic food, drift wood gathering along Alki beach, but most of all it was a time to re-charge my battery… owning your own business is exciting and exhausting at the same time. I returned with a bag full of brooches and new found inspiration ready to get back to the joy of designing Brooch Bouquets and making brides smile!

Just a little treasure hunting…

25 Apr

favorite finds

Goodies from my last treasure hunting trip… I am obsessed with old door knobs! Oh and I picked up a few baubles for a bride’s bouquet.

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