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Pop-up Wedding Chapel… Gotta love Las Vegas!

7 Feb

The Cosmopolitan's Pop-up Wedding Chapel

My husband heads to Las Vegas every year for business, the last 3 years I have tagged along with my partner in crime… Stacie, of “Gatherings by Stacie” (I love the look we get when he walks in with 2 women) although it is Vegas!  We stay in a time share that is like a mini apt. with a sweet little kitchen, living room/dinning room, and best of all maid service! Anyway, Stacie & I get caught up on work, rest and girl talk. Not necessarily in that order. This year we returned to one of our favorite spots, The Cosmopolitan, where we found The Pop-Up Wedding Chapel! What a brilliant idea! I know, just what Vegas needs is one more chapel… but this one is quite unique… legally binding, or not. They have 3 packages starting at $80, each complete with seat fillers, rings from the vintage vending machine,  tokens for the photo booth, Sofia Champagne and cake pops! Now what more do you need… well, maybe a Brooch Bouquet!  If you are heading to Las Vegas before the end of March (when they close down) do stop by… So fun!

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