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This one made me cry… an Iowa proposal

18 Sep

I am in the season of life where my kid’s friends and the kid’s of my friends are becoming engaged,  getting married and starting families.  Such a sweet time of life!  While each proposal brings with it the excitement of another couple embarking on a new life journey, I can’t remember the last time I was overcome with pure JOY for the newly engaged couple. Let me introduce you to this adorable pair that made me cry… John & Luci. Every Summer John’s family gathers in Iowa at the grandparents, a family reunion of sorts, this year was special as it was The Sweet Corn Festival as well as an 80th Birthday  celebration For the senior Mr & Mrs Glynn, the couple at the head of this amazing family! Seems like the perfect setting, surrounded by your family to pop the question right? Nah, John’s not ready… however Luci had been dreaming of the day! Sneaky John WAS ready! With grandmas old ring (that’s another story) and the fantastic photographer (John’s very creative brother) Jimmy Glynn Photography, off they went, Luci thinking it was their turn for portraits, (you remember the whole family is there) SURPRISE!  I will let the photos say the rest! Precious, just precious! Congratulations! I am beyond thrilled for you guys!

Side note: please take a moment to stop by Jimmy’s site and check out his beautiful work, anyone can take a picture… but add a passion for what you do… priceless moments captured!

A Sunrise Proposal

29 Dec

Peter & Alex

It’s Christmas Eve day, before the sun rises… 2 cups of Starbucks, red roses, a sweet spot to watch the new day dawn… tucked in the bushes is photographer (and Pete’s brother) Jimmy ready to capture the moment that Peter asks Alex to be his wife… “Yes!” I have to share a little side note here, Peter is one of my son’s best friends, so when he and Alex stopped by to share the news that afternoon… Peter did not need to say a word… the SMILE on his face was a huge giveaway! Congratulations Peter & Alex!

Will you marry me?

14 Dec

... and in that moment everything went blurry!

en-gagedadjective,  a pledge to marry,  betrothed.  Let the proposal season begin! I absolutely love to hear about proposals/engagements, there is just something so hopeful about two people committing to a new adventure together. I love “LOVE” I even cry at the engagement ring commercials…   So when my daughter’s best friend was whisked away to San Francisco last week by her sweetie… we waited in anticipation! ( secret… what secret?)  Thankfully we did not have to wait long for the exciting news, the text read… “Look’s like we’ve got another wedding to plan.”  Congratulations Justin and Alanna!

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