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21 Aug

mini brooch bouquet

A vintage wooden spool becomes a perfect vase for a few old floral brooches! Just one of the many goodies heading to the next “Vintage Marketplace” Have you marked your calendars yet? If you love all things vintage, rust, repurposed and gorgeous, get a car full of friends and come spend the day in Fallbrook!  September 6th, 7th & 8th.  See you there!

Oh Christmas Tree…

19 Dec
Brooch Christmas Tree

Brooch Christmas Tree

Ever wonder what happens to brooches that don’t make the bouquet cut? With my 2012 Brooch Bouquet season over, clean up and reorganizing for next season I came across my box full of rejects…  for one reason or another they just didn’t make it into a bouquet. (I’m super picky). Oh what to do… Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches! I mean brooches! Now the centerpiece for my Christmas table. Merry Christmas from Baubles and Brides!

Before and After… Custom Brooch Bouquet

16 Oct



“Proud as a Peacock”

A little sneak peek of the latest custom Brooch Bouquet on it’s way to a lucky bride in Baton Rouge! Can you guess where her inspiration came from?

Brooches, Burberry & Baubles and Brides

17 Jul

A brooch bouquet inspired by the brides Burberry lace coat…marrying later in life seems to allow you to wear and carry the non-traditional! The first line of this brides email… I’m sixty and wearing a Burberry lace coat and I want to carry one of your bouquets! Done!

Seattle Getaway

21 Jun

Seattle is without a doubt one of my favorite cities to visit! It is a trip made sweeter by the fact that I have family there who always have an open door, empty beds and a list of new spots for us to hit! Our favorite new spot? Meander’s kitchen in West Seattle, a little hole in the wall dinner that is run by owner/chef,  Miranda… “I cook because I like it and If my cooking makes you happy, then I’m happy.”  Unique breakfast’s are her specialty (delicious) and a conversation for each customer… you can’t help but leave this quaint little spot with a smile on your face!  We were also lucky enough to hit the last weekend of the tulip festival before the inevitable  be-heading! Haha. The 8 days away were just what I needed… time with my husband (he found the most amazing Bed & Breakfast  on Whidbey Island for a night) time with my brother and his family, some treasure hunting! Fantastic food, drift wood gathering along Alki beach, but most of all it was a time to re-charge my battery… owning your own business is exciting and exhausting at the same time. I returned with a bag full of brooches and new found inspiration ready to get back to the joy of designing Brooch Bouquets and making brides smile!

A Brooch Bouquet for a Saudi Bride!

12 Jun

A custom collaboration from Saudi Arabia to California a mere 8744 miles, give or take a few! That’s what Heba’s June 7th wedding consisted of, a custom designed gown, I can’t wait to see the real thing! And of course her custom Brooch Bouquet designed with brooches from her family & friends from around the world. Enjoy the teaser!

Sneak peek… Sapphire

22 Mar

Imagine an early evening wedding, low lighting, a bride wearing a stunning gown, no lace, rhinestones or embellishments of any kind. Just this beautiful one-of-a-kind Bouquet of brooches! Sparkling all the way down the isle… Gorgeous!

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