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Just a little Brooch Bouquet teaser!

6 Nov


Just a little tease today… Steampunk inspired boutonniere and of course a one-of -a-kind custom Brooch Bouquet. Gotta let the bride see it first! But stay tuned, it is sparkalicious!

Mother & Daughter Brooch Bouquets

23 Oct


Sneak peek at a Family Affair. This sentimental duo went to Bride, Stephanie and her daughter, Tessa. Stephanie spent weeks treasure hunting and collecting pieces so that both she and her daughter could carry custom Brooch Bouquets at her upcoming wedding. I love what she collected… lots and lots of beautiful family pieces with sweet messages attached.  “When I hold it I feel like I am holding my family… and I’m covered in goosebumps”  No need to say more! Love you Stephanie and I can’t wait to see the photos!

Before and After… Custom Brooch Bouquet

16 Oct



“Proud as a Peacock”

A little sneak peek of the latest custom Brooch Bouquet on it’s way to a lucky bride in Baton Rouge! Can you guess where her inspiration came from?

Custom Brooch Bouquet… truly a labor of LOVE!

11 Oct

“Memories” Brooch Bouquet

I had to share this shot of Heather and her memory filled Brooch Bouquet! Congratulations Brad & Heather! And they lived happily ever after…

Colin Cowie… oh my!

25 Sep

Colin Cowie… oh my! Ok, so I am a bit of a nerd when it come to my blog and following how people (brides) find me. I was checking my blog stats and found that a specific site had been linked to mine and that I was receiving several clicks a day as a result. What! Colin Cowie! Are you kidding me?  Clicking on the link took  me to  Colin Cowie Weddings  Inspire me – Real Weddings   and the featured wedding of David & Helena. And then, there it was, one of my custom Brooch Bouquets! This is a beautiful example of the bride collecting the bulk of the pieces with me filling in the remainder needed, lovely results!  It is always such a thrill to see your work photographed then add to that a beautiful feature on an industry icon’s blog… beyond thrilled! Please follow the link and view the amazing work of Sofia Negron Photography and read about the beautiful love story of David & Helena. So honored to have Baubles and Brides mentioned. Thank you and congratulations… and they lived happily ever after.

Brooch Bouquet carrying Beirut Bride

21 Aug

That smile says it all! Heba and her top hat toting groom, Tamar declare their love for each other with family and friends on June 7th in Beirut. I just loved working with this international bride, as I shared in an earlier post… Heba gathered her friends and family from around the globe to participate in the hunt for brooches and goodies for her custom Brooch Bouquet. They all did such a great job, so many unique pieces! Along with these photos came a note, “The wedding was unbelievably amazing and everyone fell in love with my bouquet thanks to you :)” I just have to say that I have the best brides! seriously! Congratulations Heba & Tamar! …and they lived happily ever after.

What if dreams do come true?

8 Aug

So this is where I find myself… I have a dream and it most definitely scares me, consumes my thoughts, and is stretching my brain cells beyond what I could have ever imagined! I ask myself at least once a day “are you crazy?” my response… yes I am!
But I am so excited about the possibilities… Just as soon as I can share I will fill you all in. Until then I am a busy bee working on some fantastic new brooch bouquets for some very lovely brides! Dare to embrace your dreams!

The unveiling of Shelly’s Brooch Bouquet

28 Jun

“Songbird” Brooch Bouquet

Bride-to-be Shelly

These 2 were made for each other!  CaLa, one of the Maids of honor for bride-to-be Shelly, spent months gathering just the right pieces for this stunner!  She knew what she was doing as she had been a part of hunt for her sister Jessie’s brooch bouquet “Tombstone”  2 years ago. Once the gathering was complete we met for the hand off and an opportunity for CaLa to share the vision she had for this unique gift for her friend… in one word, GLAM. This past Saturday CaLa hosted a bridal shower for Shelly where she presented her with her one-of-a-kind Brooch Bouquet, “Songbird” Given that name because The bride is a trained opera singer! As you can see from the photo they look beautiful together! Don’t you think? Every bride should be blessed with a Maid of honor like CaLa!  If you would like to see the video of the unveiling click the link: Shelly”s Brooch Bouquet unveiling leave her some love, the big day is July 29th. I can not wait to see the wedding photos!

Bride Christina, Shaking her tail feathers!

7 Jun

“Shake your tail feathers” Brooch Bouquet

So excited to receive these photos of the gorgeous bride Christina strutting her stuff with her one-of-a-kind Peacock inspired Brooch Bouquet! Congrats to the lucky couple and thank you so much for sharing Raquel (MOB).

Saudi Sneak Peek!

22 May

I have a sneak peek today of my latest international Bouquet… destination… Saudi Arabia! I can’t wait to share this story and photos! coming soon.

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