Hey Neighbor!

18 Mar

Heart planter

herb garden box

succulent garden

A little deviation from Brooch Bouquets today, but so worth it!  My amazingly talented neighbors designed and constructed this succulent garden as a wedding gift… are you kidding me? Jim & Mary are not only my lovely neighbors but they are true treasure hunters! Always on the look out for a great deal or better yet the abandoned treasure left on the side of the road! They are such a great team… Mary comes up with the idea and Mr. Talent (Jim) figures out a way to make it happen, then Mary adds the final details…  this is a perfect example of their crafty work… in need of a wedding gift, they came up with the idea to make a succulent garden. Constructed from a piece of redwood the heart was created, planted with succulents (cuttings from her own garden) “we need a box”  left over wood was brilliantly turned into not only a box to carry the gift, but designed to be an herb garden… little bags of seeds with stamped spoons as markers, The wedding gift is complete! Oh did I mention the old leather belt Jim cut apart to make the boxes handles? They really are too much! Congrats to the lucky couple!

One Response to “Hey Neighbor!”

  1. Jim and Mary March 19, 2014 at 11:43 am #

    Thanks for the kind words and lovely pictures Crafty Nancy! It is indeed fun to have you guys as neighbors also! We can throw ideas off of each other!
    Thanks! Jim and Mary

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