Cambria Getaway!

26 Jun

cambria collage

wildflower collage

I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt.  I am a friend, mentor, encourager, problem solver. I am the maid, chef, nurse, gardener, dog walker. I am a small business owner, designer, treasure hunter… and more!  I know that I am not alone as a woman of many hats and would not trade any of them in… well maybe one or two of them. 🙂  I would say that about 90% of the time I am a master at juggling all my hats without dropping but an occasional one. But just about a month ago my precious husband could sense that I was ready to not only drop one or two but throw each one right over the cliff! I needed a getaway… Off to one of our favorite places… Cambria, nestled on California’s Central Coast! We typically take this trip with a group of our friends but this time it was to be just the 2 of us! No agenda, no schedule, we wandered our way up the coast, stopping at any flea market, coffee house, antique store and of course a winery or two… or three. It took about a half a day for me to decompress! I began to notice all the wild flowers along the way, risking life and limb my husband would pull over for me to snap a picture. (all of the flowers pictured above were growing on the side of the road) God is such a show off! We took walks on the beach, ate good food, met some lovely people and at the end of a soul renewing week I was ready again to juggle my many hats! Thank you Thom for loving me! Now back to work!

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