The Romance Box

1 Apr

Romance Box

Romance box

I must post from my personal life today! About a year and a half ago we said goodbye to my Father-in-law, Don, perhaps one of the best men I have ever met. Over the course of the last several months we have been preparing my precious Mother-in-law Patty to make the move from their home to start a new chapter on her own. They had been married for 58 years… While sorting through papers and cleaning out closets  Patty found this old See’s candy box,  her “romance box” as she called it. Some 60 years ago while Don was serving in the Air Force, Patty was a student, she made the request that Don send her love letters that she then kept safe in… you guessed it, the candy box complete with bits of chocolate! Are you kidding me! Out of all the antiques, collectables etc. this by far was and is my favorite find! I asked what the code was on the back of the envelope… I.H.-W.H.Y.G.I.T.R.-T.Y. Now mind you this was written in 1952, it took her seconds to remember… “I’m hungry, what have you got in the refrigerator,  Thank you.” Call me sentimental, but this is Priceless!!! Every girl should have a “Romance Box”

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