Hard Hats Required!

13 Apr

It’s a personal post today… Since January 27th we have had a constant flow of contractors through our home! It all started with an under slab leak in our hot water line. Bad plumbers vs good (save the day) plumbers, insurance adjusters, dry waller’s, painters, You get the picture! At one point we had 8 air movers, 2 industrial heaters and 2 industrial humidifiers all running at the same time… it sounded like an airstrip in my house! All That said, we had been trying to catch up with some friends for several months, re-scheduling several times. The date was set one more time… ding dong… the contractors at the door, “we are here to repair the dry wall and paint the dinning room”  All I could do was laugh, call my husband and have him bring home some hard hats… I was not going to cancel again! I went to the garage to create my centerpiece. An old tool box, tools and of course some flowers. The table is set, yummy food, good wine and lots of laughs!  (what you don’t see is that all around us is equipment, tools, plastic covering everything but the table!)  A great time was had by all!   Side note… The company doing all the work took photos of my table and posted it in their news letter, titled “Customers going with the flow.”  Life is to short to stress about what we can’t control! Although I will be happy once the work is all done!  Get out there and make some lemonade!

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