Garden of friends Bouquet

21 Sep

Please allow me to share a personal story this week…  My friend Pam is one of those people who has spent her life in service of others.  Always available to lend a hand, listen to your heart, wipe a tear , share a laugh, or a meal.  She is a daughter, wife, mother of 3 beautiful daughters, a mentor, teacher and friend to countless others. Many years ago at a women’s event at our church, Pam gave a talk about “Caring for your Garden of Friends”  teaching the importance of having  a variety of friends in your garden, different personalities, shared experiences,  the ones that make you smile, the ones you can count on to always be there. You get the idea… I love daisies, but I don’t want a garden full of them, I want some poppies, roses, pansies and lot’s of color. Your garden should reflect you and your personality.   That all being said, a few weeks before her daughter Serena’s September 3rd wedding, Pam found a lump in her armpit… a biopsy and several days of waiting… the diagnosis came in, Non Hodgkin Lymphoma, stage 3 cancer… Pam has named it  “The intruder” very fitting!!!  After consultations,  family conversations  and lots of prayers the plan of attack would be to undergo several rounds of chemo starting the week after Serena’s big day.  Which by the way was such a lovely wedding! Sooo, on with the story. Not only is Pam my friend, but her daughter Alanna, is my daughter, Janell’s best friend and a second daughter to me. Heart sick, I felt the need to do something for Pam that would show her love and support. Over coffee at our favorite Starbucks, Alanna and I  devised a plan to create a brooch bouquet, inviting Pam’s family and many friends (from her garden) to participate by sending a brooch and an encouraging word… all I have to say is WOW! Her garden is full!  The first treatment behind her, the lump (once the size of a large walnut) cannot be felt at all… God is so good… I just had to document this whole process and share it with you.  Thanks  for indulging me!  Now, go on… go work on your garden and make someone smile.

The brooches came pouring in...

Each friends "word" was attached to their brooch

Garden of friends Brooch Bouquet



3 Responses to “Garden of friends Bouquet”

  1. stacie September 22, 2011 at 8:40 am #

    Pam, I let down my guard and cried when I saw you breathing in the fragrance… Beautiful account of the story Nancy and the “Garden of Friends Bouquet” is the quintessence of Pam’s “varietals” teaching about friendship. What a stunning display of love.

    • Nancy {Baubles and Brides} September 22, 2011 at 9:46 am #

      Thank you Stacie. What a fantastic response we had. Pam is very loved!

  2. Pam Lowe August 9, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

    It’s been almost a year….and now I am in remission. Praise you, Jesus! The Friendship Bouquet still stands as a tangible expression of the ongoing love of my dear friends and relatives that gave me the support I so needed. Thank you Nancy and Alanna for being inspired and sharing the inspiration. I am truly blessed!
    Love as always,

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