“Showered” with Wisdom…

25 Aug

Chicken soup wisdom for the Bride

This is one of the cutest ideas I have seen in a long time… I received a thank you note this week from a past Brooch Bouquet carrying bride, who is also one of my daughters dear friends. We were so blessed to be a part of her bridal shower, except that I hate (I know,strong word, but true) shower games. I was so excited when we did not have to dress someone in a toilet paper wedding dress!  What they did do however was to have each guest share one piece of  relationship wisdom with the bride. The group was mixed in age, some had lots to say, others just a well spoken word. All this wisdom was recorded and the end result is above… the coolest  thank you note. Are you a bride or are you hosting a shower for a bride…then come on, think outside-of-the- box!  Chicken soup for the Bride with a very personal touch. Love it!

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