The gift of a handwritten note…

6 Apr

“A letter is more than just the words it carries. It’s like sending a small part of yourself.”  Don’t you love going to the mail box and finding in amongst the bills and junk mail a handwritten note?  The sender thought of you and took time out of their day to send you a note.  I must admit  as much as it makes my day to receive a note,  greater joy comes for me in  being the sender. With the embracing of technology we have lost the art of a handwritten note.  Don’t get me wrong… I love email & texting and I use it often to send a quick I’m thinking about you. But when I want to really touch someone, whether  a love note, sympathy card, congrats, or thank you,  there is nothing quite like a handwritten note to connect one human to another. My favorite is to send notes of encouragement , I actually carry note cards and stamps in my car and when someone comes to mind or is placed on my heart for one reason or another I write a quick note and find the nearest post box. 🙂  It’s more than communication it’s a gift. Go ahead, try it.

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