Holly Lauren Jewelry… welcome back!

29 Mar

On the cover! "Holly Lauren" Jewelry

I am so excited and proud to feature the come back of my niece Holly, Owner and Designer of  Holly Lauren Jewelry.  First launched back in 2005, she hit the fashion world and was received with great praise and open arms, worn by the likes of , Tori Spelling, Rachel Hunter, Kristen Cavilleri and Paris Hilton… just to name a few.  After putting her business on hold to start a family, … She’s back. Although her design style has changed with time, her passion for creating beautifully unique jewelry has not.  Holly’s designs are fresh with a rustic modern look. Her ready to wear pieces are inspired by the challenge of being a busy mom yet still desiring to be fashionable. She gets it!   Holly has expanded her line this time around to include Custom Bridal Designs. That’s right girls, how about a one-of-a-kind piece for that special day!  You can find her at, ihearthollylauren.blogspot.com or email her at, hlwestler@aol.com

Congratulations Holly and welcome back!!! Love you 🙂

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