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31 Jan

Helen & Sam

“Helen Harriet Beecher Stow Little Women Betsey Ross Hodgkinson Laughlin,”  My husbands Grandmother and my favorite person ever!  Known to my children a “Great”  She was born on July 4th 1913,  which I find quite fitting as she was a firecracker from her first breath to her last at age 94.  She truly LIVED  her life, full of love, joy & laughter, always ready to share one of her countless amazing stories from one of  her adventures. (she was quite the story teller). She traveled the world and had more experiences than anyone I know.   Her last years were spent in a  nursing home  stuck in a  wheelchair, the result of many knee and hip surgeries. I never heard her complain (unless she was out of chocolate) about her situation, in fact she was the queen of encouragement and the official President of the patients Activities Club. She was more than family to me… she was my friend for 30 years.  My favorite quote of hers… this was said to my husband when he told her we were engaged, “Tommy, why buy the cow when the milk is free?”  I miss you  Great!   You inspire me every day to embrace my life 🙂

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