Picture this…

24 Jan

Cosmopolitan's Chandelier Bar

What a way to end the week in Las Vegas! It started with the amazing “BEATLES LOVE  SHOW” this is a must see!  Followed by one of the most incredible dining experiences at “Jaleo” located in the new “Cosmopolitan” Hotel.  The entire menu is served tapas style, created by Chef Jose Andres who’s creativity is over the top, ever have a liquid olive?  Why yes I have. If you get the chance to go to Vegas please don’t miss this one… ask for Andrew, a waiter with a passion for what he does!  I will close with this…9.2 million dollars in crystals on the chandelier that gracefully drapes the length of all three floors. I wish that you could see how this sparkles… WOW!!!  Thanks for all the fun and laughs Stacie, can’t wait for next year.  🙂

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