Bird on a wire…

17 Jan

The inspiration for Jabberwocky Studio’s logo took shape in my mind long before it appeared on paper. I just could not seem to find the right visual to express how I wanted it to look.  I knew that I wanted a bird of some kind, quirky if possible, and of course I love the look of twisted, rusted wire. (to find the two together was such a gift!) So after a year or so of searching I was starting to think that the image I had tucked away in the recesses of my brain, would just have to stay there, and I would have to settle for someone else’s rendition of my image… that is until I stumbled into a little shop in the “Historic District of San Juan Capistrano,” there hanging in the back of the garden shop full of cob webs, I spotted it…a  rusted, twisted wire bird cage complete with… a bird!  It was an “ah ha” moment!  With the addition of just a few blingy feathers and a little sparkle, the image in my mind had come to life!

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