How did life surprise you this week?

14 Jan

I will admit that I love to make lists for just about everything…I have 2 list apps on my iphone, several colorful notepads on my desk, and of course a cute little spiral notebook in my purse, just in case… each one has a to-do list of some sort. My favorite part of list making is when I get to cross off the completed task or better yet highlight it! (I have every color) On my “To-do around the house” list, there are those projects that never quite seem to get checked off, they just get moved from list to list, from one day to the next… just waiting to be  highlighted. I have one such task that I have put off for months… Cleaning out my closet! UGH! I really did not want to do this one. But my need to cross this one off finally got to me, I did It!!! and the SURPRISE was… I actually enjoyed it. ( I know, that’s sick!) I do like to throw or give things away and my closet was full of them, you know, socks that don’t have a match, shoes that you  will never wear again because they hurt your feet, clothes that you have not worn in years… but you just might someday… you get the idea. I even got my husband to do his closet.  Yahoo! 6 large bags to give away, 2 trash bags full, a little re-organizing and, check-highlight-done!  I love  surprises where you least expect them 🙂

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