“Artful Blogging”

10 Jan

If you have not seen this magazine published by Stampington & Company, come on, get with it!  One of my favorite things to do is, Cheap Date Night with my husband.  That means a trip to “Borders Book Store.”  Here’s  how it works; we grab a quick, cheap, usually taco dinner, then head up the road to our local “Borders” with our search lists in hand, once there we head in different directions to gather our choices, meeting back up in the Cafe  to scope out two comfy chairs, order hot chocolate and maybe a sweet to share… the next hour, or two is spent in our happy place, between the pages… of  a good book or magazine. This is how I fell in love with “Artful Blogging.”  This Quarterly publication features visually inspiring blogs.  Seriously… every page is full of beautiful Photographs, Art , Hand made creations and so much more. This where I got the inspiration to do more with my blog then just promote my  “Vintage Brooch Bouquets.”  So, go on, go pick up a copy today!  Better yet, take a date 🙂

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