How did life surprise you this week?

7 Jan

I’ve been waiting for this all week, doing my best to be present and pay attention to all that goes on around me each day, knowing that I needed to “Post ” today.  As often happens in life, things don’t go as planned…lots of unexpected diversions this week , and yes in them I could find small little surprises that would be worthy of sharing, but I wanted to start Bigger than that (a pride issue I’m sure). Ok, ok, so I’m sitting at my desk last night, just before sunset working on  a project at the computer that has all my attention. As the natural light  in the room begins to fade,  the glow outside is brilliant orange.  Now mind you I am facing east at this time.  I leave my work and head to the west side of the house, (where the sun sets) and there outside my son’s window… the most amazing sunset, every possible shade of orange was painted across the sky.  “Stop and look, this is where we live”, I have been saying this to my kids for years, and this is why.  Surprise!!!  The best diversion ever.

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