Inspiration Monday

3 Jan

As I look back on 2010 I find myself so Thankful and Blessed to be surrounded by my family and friends, who literally carried me through this first year of Jabberwocky Studio, what an incredible journey.  I could not have done it without your love, support and encouragement. Who knew launching a new business would be so challenging and ooh so mind stretching!  Now that the first year is behind me, I am looking forward with great excitement as to where this journey may lead and  feeling like I need to shake things up a bit with a new blogging schedule. (I know call the press!) It’s my attempt to make this blogging more meaningful. I want this to be a place that not only showcases my work, but a place to find inspiration and provide a platform to share  “How life surprises you”  So here is what I’m thinking…

Mondays: “My Inspiration day”  I will share what inspires me in my work and life.

Wednesdays: “Sneak Peek day”  I will share a peek at projects in the works.

Fridays: “How did life surprise you this week?”  This is where I need you to participate. Here’s how;  you wake each day, anticipate  and look for the many ways that “life” will surprise you each day. This may take some practice but I think we can do it. Surprises could be as small as a smile or wink from a stranger, a song that touches you, maybe it’s an unexpected raise, or as big as a life changing “aha” moment.  Slow down and be present in your day…Surprise! On Fridays, come and share your findings. Easy enough. Now, Get ready-Get set-Go!

Janell & Scott, My Children, My Inspiration

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